How time flies. Nigeria Democracy is already 20 years. It’s a period in biological age that the human species is considered an adult. Has Nigeria’s Democracy matured? Has Nigeria’s Democracy attained adulthood? What are the progress made so far and the challenges? The renaissance editor-in-Chief Nnanna Ike attempts an answer to some of these nutty questions through a critical x-ray of Nigeria’s Democratic journey.

Since Trump arrived the white House, he seems to be possessed by a certain messianic quest to advance the interest of the far right ideologues. The checklist is long and varied. Take his immigration policies. Since day one when the white folks arrived the land of the Native Americans whom Christopher Columbus ignorantly referred to as the “red Indians”, the United States of America has been established as a welcoming place for immigrants seeking for freedom. Freedom includes freedom from religious persecution, political tyranny and economic freedom. But Trump and his co white ideologues don’t want any of such shit, if we are to use an American jargon. His current battle to stop the influx of migrants from the Latin American countries of Honduras and Guatemala is just a product of such mind-set.