How time flies. Nigeria Democracy is already 20 years. It’s a period in biological age that the human species is considered an adult. Has Nigeria’s Democracy matured? Has Nigeria’s Democracy attained adulthood? What are the progress made so far and the challenges? The renaissance editor-in-Chief Nnanna Ike attempts an answer to some of these nutty questions through a critical x-ray of Nigeria’s Democratic journey.

Imo State presents a picture of a state where the democratic practice seems to have taken firm root. “Ihedioha – A cheer for Imo people” is an analysis of the recent change of guard in Imo State with Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as the arrow head. It brings you the reason why it was possible for such changes of guard. It is in fact a celebration of Imo People,

And wait for it, something good is happening in Nigeria. A group of Private Developers in partnership with CBN Cooperative Society is developing what might be called the first modern eco-friendly estates called the CBN Solar Cities brings you the progress report on the development of the novel environmental friendly estates.

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Cynthia Ogechi Ememe